© ben hopper
© ben hopper



 She gives him the cold shoulder. He pushes her away. Yet both would rather passionately embrace.
Love is at once heaven and hell.

Complex, sexy, and irreverently imaginative, ›tangram‹ redraws the boundaries of dance, new circus, and physical theatre. Created and performed by renowned dancer Cristiana Casadio and world class juggler Stefan Sing, ›tangram‹ engagingly describes the human struggle of attraction and repulsion.

 Casadio and Sing breathe new life into their art forms as they come together to tell a story of love, scorn and, above all, power. Whether she is hanging from her partner’s fingertips like a marionette or he is shielding himself from a barrage of balls landing like missiles, the pair embody both passion and fury at once. ›tangram‹ questions what it is to surrender to love and asks us, who is in control?


duration: 1 h
genre: Wordless dance & physical theater
audience: adults and children ages 10 and up
venue: theater or festival
variations: contact us for different length (6 min to 1h) or special requests info@stefansing.com